Stratostorm is an independent award-winning creative studio specializing in digital solutions and story-driven content for entertainment and advertising projects with offices in São Paulo and Los Angeles.

Our imagination, driven by passion, allows us to create with no limitations. Our original productions include high-quality content for Brazil and Latin America with thousands of hours of content for digital platforms, hundreds of episodes, with over 40 million online views, over 20 million subscribers, and more than 25 million unique viewers on Television, an award-winning animated short film, three animated series and also we delivered hundreds of tv commercials for clients and advertising agencies around the world. 

Stratostorm consists of a diverse and talented team of visual artists, designers, animators, storytellers, writers, producers, and strategists who together collaborate on the creative process to execute at the highest level.

Based in Brazil with offices in the USA, we are equipped with workstations, render farm, 4k screening room, color suite, green screen sound stage, motion capture system, and exclusive rooms designed for long term projects. Stratostorm acts as a creative hub for clients to work with international and local artists.


Helena Hilario

Executive Producer

Responsible for executive management and business development of the company, Helena has many years of experience in the entertainment area in Brazil and the USA.

She has attended Harvard Business School Executive Education program for The Business of Entertainment, Media and Sports and has worked for companies like Ingenuity Studios (LA), KGB Films (Paramount Pictures), Academia de Filmes (SP), Downtown Reel (NYC), and Rede TV! Sul (SC).

Mario Pece

Creative Executive Director

Dedicate to the creative direction and supervision of all the projects, Mario has been working in the area for years, graduated from Filmmaking at New York Film Academy.

He was part of the VFX team at Ingenuity Studios in Los Angeles for years, as a Lead compositor / 3D generalist and created visual effects for Katy Perry´s music video and TV series such as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Parks and Recreation”, and 2014´s Academy Award Whiplash.


  • Alan

    3D Supervisor

  • Dhiego

    3D Art Director

  • Lucas

    Creative Director

  • Igor

    Senior Editor

  • Jessica


  • Felipe

    3D Artist

  • Giovanni

    Concept Artist

  • Kaio

    Motion Designer

  • João Luís

    Motion Designer

  • Gabriel

    Motion Designer

  • Samuel

    3D Artist

  • Pedro

    2D Supervisor

  • Afonso

    Background Artist

  • Hannry

    3D Animation Supervisor

  • Danilo

    Rig Supervisor

  • Jason

    Creative Producer

  • Louis

    Executive Producer

  • André

    3D Artist

  • Joyce

    3D Artist

  • Emanoel

    2D Animator

  • Rafael

    2D Animator

  • Marcus

    2D Animator

  • Fabio

    2D Artist

  • Magali


  • Troy

    Studio Manager

  • Elem

    Office Manager

  • Laisla


  • Odair

    3D Animator

  • Cynthia

    2D Artist

  • Christian

    3D Animator

  • Leônidas

    3D Animator

  • Daniel

    3D Animator

  • Douglas

    3D Artist

  • Rafael

    2D Animator

  • Rafael

    2D Animator

  • Murilo

    2D Artist

  • Thiago

    IT Group

  • Antonio

    2D Animator

  • Roberto

    Office Assitant

  • Alberto

    Public Relations

  • Alessio


  • Aldo

    Business Dev

  • Renato

    2D Artist

  • Cadu

    3D animator

  • Thabata

    3D artist

  • Reinaldo