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Anticavity Squad 360º VR

J. Walter Thompson + Stratostorm

Combining the latest technologies with the creativity of our talented artists, in a super collaboration with agency JWT Brazil, we created the first ever Johnson & Johnson´s 360º VR fully 3D animated project, for the Listerine.

Stratostorm team were proudly involved from concept, R&D, direction and full production of the animation. Playful and immersive, the story revolves around a training camp that takes place inside the mouth. After the use of the new Listerine Anticaries, the public is transported to this universe and there, the teeth are prepared until they are strong enough for a final battle against the germs.

The original score was written and created to bring the magic and emotion for the actions of the animation by the audio company Squad.

  • Client


  • Advertising Agency


  • Production Company


  • Director

    Mario Pece

  • Executive Producer

    Helena Hilario

  • CG Supervisor

    Mario Pece

  • CG Producer

    Gabrielle Camarana

  • Treatment

    Lucas Fonseca & Igor Dias

  • Concept Artist

    Giovanni Pedroni

  • 3D Artists

    Alan Prado, Dhiego Guimarães & Felipe Prdini

  • Animators

    Liz Moschen & Bruno D'Oro

  • Compositors

    Felipe Ruiz & Igor Sacilotto

  • Executive Producers (Squad)

    Zi Nammur & Dario Forguieri

  • Music Director (Squad)

    Gustavo Boralli

  • Sound Design and Mixing (Squad)

    Hans Zeh

  • Voice Actors (Squad)

    Marcio Seixas, Gabriel Granado & Paulinho

  • Editor (Making Of)

    Igor Dias

  • Motion Designer (Making Of)

    Lucas Fonseca