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In a playful and charming story, we collaborated with Publicis’ creative team in the production of this beautiful CGI and 3D Animation project for Carrefour. Check out the Best of Christmas campaign!

  • Directed by

    Helena Hilario and Mario Pece

  • CGI Supervisor

    Alan Prado

  • Art Director

    Dhiego Guimarães

  • Character Designers

    Felipe Pardini, Jonas Schlengman, Alan Prado, Joyce Amaral

  • CGI Artists

    Alan Prado, Dhiego Guimarães, Felipe Pardini, Samuel Simões, Jonas Schlengman, Morgana Galvan, Joyce Amaral, André Nunes

  • Color Script

    Murilo Justiniano

  • Concept Design and Storyboard

    Giovanni Pedroni

  • Animation Supervisor

    Hannry Pschera

  • 3D Animation

    Hannry Pschera, Arthur Luna, Bruna Forshaid, Cadu Braz

  • Rigging Supervisor

    Danilo Pinheiro

  • Rigging

    Caio Hidaka, Danilo Pinheiro, Glauber Belo, Murilo Barbelli, Saul Almeida

  • Motion Designer

    Henrique Vechhio

  • DoP

    Troy Chiu

  • Audio