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More Media + Panic! At the Disco

The talented director Norton had an unique and unconventional idea for the new music video for Panic at the Disco , and Stratostorm got into this adventure and created 56 shots in CGI to create a maze full of impossible geometries! Hallelujah is the new single of the band that has sold thousands of copies , and is the second top We are very excited, proud and we want to thank our friends and collaborators from Nightshift Post for the invitation to be part of this great project, it was a pleasure to work with you guys! The music video was produced by MoreMedia shot in Los Angeles.

  • Client

    Panic! At the Disco

  • Production Company

    More Media

  • Director


  • VFX Producer

    Mario Pece

  • Concept Artist

    Marcelo Leal Felix

  • 3D Artist

    Mario Pece

  • Compositing

    Mario Pece & Felipe Ruiz

  • Color Grade

    Nightshift Post