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Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks is our original weekly series on StratoKids channel, full of entertaining, and educational themes in a fun and light atmosphere that helps preschoolers in cognitive development and their ability to learn words, colors, numbers, and more through children’s songs and stories.

Wally and Molly are the trucks responsible for patrolling the small town of Clunker Dale, always helping its inhabitants and visitors. Both protagonists have a modular body, capable of changing and transforming as needs arise, shifting between excavators, cranes, ladders, and whatever it seems necessary to help others, from building a new bridge for the town or playing around.

Wally and Molly are capable of solving almost any kind of problem, teaching kids to always help those in need through nursery rhymes, in an educational, playful, and fun way.

  • 3D Artists

    André Nunes, Joyce Amaral, Thabata Suzart

  • Rigging

    Danilo Pinheiro, Cadu Braz

  • Animation

    Cadu Braz

  • 3D Supervisor

    Alan Prado

  • 3D Art Director

    Dhiego Guimarães

  • Storyboard

    Giovanni Pedroni, Afonso Cardoso

  • Screenplay

    Lucas Fonseca, Giovanni Pedroni, Andre Nunes, Joyce Amaral, Thabata Suzart, Cadu Braz

  • Director

    Helena Hilario and Mario Pece