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Cartoon Network

Toontubers is a successful biweekly series co-produced by Stratostorm and Cartoon Network Brazil + LATAM since 2016, with more than 30 million unique viewers on Television, over 400 million views on YouTube, almost 1 billion of minutes watched, and more than 10 million Youtube subscribers across Cartoon Network´s YT channels.

Over the episodes, Rigby and Mordecai, protagonists of Regular Show, play games while they talk and make jokes with its characteristic humor.

Seasons 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and counting.

  • Created at Cartoon Network by

    Vivian Arias and Camila Ferreira

  • Executive Producer

    Helena Hilario

  • Executive Supervisor

    Mario Pece

  • Production Supervisor

    Gabriel Nery

  • Head of Production

    Jessica Rodrigues

  • Producer

    Luisa Caffagni

  • Production Assistant

    Flavio Dinali

  • Screenplay

    Giovanni Pedroni

  • Editorial

    Gabriel Nery

  • Motion Design

    Henrico Lavoura, Alan Nakano, Renato Fernandes, Hnerique Vecchio

  • Opening score


  • Producers (Past Seasons)

    Elton Felix, Gabriela Camarana, Fernanda Sousa

  • Screenplay (Past Seasons)

    Lucas Fonseca and Giovanni Pedroni

  • Editorial (Past Seasons)

    Liz Moschen, Igor Dias & Caroline Siqueira

  • Motion Design (Past Seasons)

    Lucas Araújo, Wagner Feitosa, Kaio Cruz, João Luiz Paes, Gabriel Nery